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Dee Jones

My business name is pronounced "Coco" (like Coco Chanel) "Rye-Ah".

I started my business right after my youngest turned 2.  In 2006.  And I started my business because of my boys.  Being a new mom, I wanted to capture every moment, and found myself falling back on the photography lessons that I remembered from my time working on the high school newspaper.  I had my husband's old film SLR, and I shot mostly black and white.  It wasn't long before I was taking pictures of my friend's children, my sister's girls, neighbor's families.  

Coming up with the name was easy actually.  But it does confuse a lot of people.  So here it is: My oldest is Zachariah, but his uncle and his sweet little playmate started calling him, "Riah". His name stuck after that.  My youngest, Connor, was and is my sweet Coco-bean. He was round and chubby and beautiful, and while I know he's going to cringe one day reading this, I loved my nickname for him.    


I work exclusively outside. I don't own a studio and I'm not comfortable using big lights and drapes and flash. I love the outdoors. Even with the Texas weather. Rain and snow and cloudy days make BEAUTIFUL pictures just as much as sunlight does. There is nothing, in my opinion, like sunlight. No flash or HMI lights make up for what the sun does best.

You won't see me with a lot of equipment. I work light, fast and it may seem like I'm not getting anything. I crawl on the ground. I lay down on wet pavement or grass. I climb trees with kiddos. I pick up rocks and throw them in creeks. My goal is to connect with your kids. Second to that is to connect YOU to your kids.

My favorite photos are INTERACTIVE, not posed. I'll pose you for some. But I prefer when my clients bring activity and life to the shoot. Come dressed up to PLAY. You will be amazed how much you love your time and you'll forget about me being there.

I prefer the "golden hours". This is up to two hours AFTER sunrise and BEFORE sunset. If the sun is shining, it is transformative during this time. Your skin, your eyes, the colors you choose to wear, will look even better.


Package A: Portrait Session (You choose location and date, Photographer makes suggestion on times) 30 Minute Portrait Session (DIGITAL FILES provided as immediate digital download 10-14 business days after the shoot). Average number of digital images taken are 40-50 for the 30 Minute Portrait session. $250 for 4 people ($25 for each additional person).

Package B: Portrait Session (You choose location and date, Photographer makes suggestion on times) 45 minutes to 1 Hour Portrait Session (DIGITAL FILES provided as immediate digital download 10-14 business days after the shoot). Average number of digital images taken are 50-75. $500 for 4 people ($25 for each additional person).

Editing and Retouching of Digital Images:All images are retouched for basic clean up, including blemishes, stains, wrinkles, background distractions and wispy hair. Any additional editing required will be charged $100 an hour.

Commerical Photography starts at $1000 for a minimum of 2 hours.

Headshots are $100 for 15 minutes.  Email upload of 6-10 images and signed copyright release provided within 5-10 days after photo session. CD or flashdrive is $50 additional.

Currently I am not taking any commissions for my fine art photography or sketches. If you like the work and would like to buy canvas or prints of certain pieces please email me:


I can't believe I am just now letting you know how much we fell in love with our pictures. You captured our laughter and love and glow perfectly. We couldn't be more thrilled with them. Thank you seems like too small a words for capturing this time in our life. It is a gift to us. We appreciate you!

Josue and Marnie

You know you have the best photographer when your children are super excited to do a photo shoot with Dee! Dee works her magic not only with her amazing photos, but with how well she connects with every one of your family members! She specialized in capturing those special moments, in her fun and free flowing way. Nothing is forced, her pictures capture your family as they really are. Besides her amazing talent, she is a great individual and person. She gets to know her clients and everyone I refer her to loves her and her work……she will be my photographer for life!

The Jenkins Family

Very few photographers know how to capture a child's personality (not to mention the light) like Dee Jones. She is exceptionally creative and personable in her approach, and has a special gift for spontaneity which will made our shoot feel fun and effortless. The finished product was just amazing. I definitely get the feeling that she approaches every project as if it were her only, and treats every client as if they were her closest friend.

The Pinon Family

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